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Global Pickleball Training Academy

Pickleball Drill Book

Pickleball Drill Book

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I came from the corporate business world with no sports background. My entire life was about business and career. One day realizing I was overweight and out of breath, I needed to exercise.

A friend introduced me to pickleball and probably like you, I fell in love with the sport. I was addicted. I wanted to play as much as possible and I wanted to improve.

Simply playing games did little to improve my abilities. I needed to drill.
One hour of drilling can be compared to seven hours of playing time. That is how important drilling is. If I was offered five days to play pickleball. I would prefer to drill four of them.

Over the years I was blessed to train, play and drill with some of the best pickleball professionals in the world, including several halls of fame recipients.

I have taught pickleball all over the world working for several of the top pickleball training companies in the sport. I created this book of drills for you. I guarantee that if you practice and apply these drills you will advance to the next level.

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