Our Story

"Welcome to the Global Pickleball Training Academy, your premier destination for elevating your pickleball game. Our mission is to empower every pickleball player with world-class training and resources, making us the go-to hub for enthusiasts worldwide.

At the heart of our academy is a commitment to excellence, epitomized by our esteemed founder and three-time National Gold Medal winner, Brett Noel. With an unparalleled reputation for delivering top-notch pickleball instruction, Brett leads a team of instructors who have collectively taught at numerous camps and clinics globally, impacting thousands of players.

Our roster of instructors have worked with luminaries like Tyson McGuffin, Kevin Beeson, Steve Dawson, Steve Kennedy, Kara Williams, Tammy Patys, and hall of fame recipient Gigi LeMaster.

Drawing from extensive experience with Level-Up camps, Boost camps, and leadership in Engage camps, our team stands as the epitome of pickleball expertise.

Enroll in our certification course, personally taught by Brett Noel himself.

Experience live instruction without relying on videos, learning directly from one of America's most accomplished pickleball trainers. Brett's certification credentials extend to organizations such as "The International Federation of Pickleball" and "The International Federation of Players," showcasing his dedication to raising the standard of pickleball education.

But we're more than just an academy; we're a pickleball family. Beyond our exceptional training programs, we offer a range of valuable resources for our community, including instructional books, stylish apparel, protective eyewear, and insightful blogs. It's not just about playing; it's about evolving and embracing the journey of improvement.

Global Pickleball Training Academy is where pickleball players come to thrive. Join us on this exciting adventure, and let's elevate your pickleball experience together. Because at our academy, excellence is not just a goal – it's a way of life."