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Global Pickleball Training Academy

Pickleball Certification Program - The Ultimate Training Experience

Pickleball Certification Program - The Ultimate Training Experience

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Introducing the "Global Pickleball Training Academy" Certification Program – your gateway to becoming a certified instructor. The program is designed to give individuals  the proper credentials to instruct the intermediate student. 

Led by the renowned pickleball expert, Brett Noel, a three-time national gold medalist with over a decade of pickleball experience, our program offers live, face-to-face training sessions. Brett Noel, recognized as one of the top instructors in the sport, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure you receive the best training.

Brett has collaborated with pickleball luminaries such as Tyson McGuffin, Steve Dawson, Tammy Patys, Kara Williams, Kevin Beeson, and hall of fame legends like Gigi Lemaster. He has been an integral part of esteemed pickleball camps such as Level-Up, Boost camps, and Engage pickleball camps.

The certification program extends beyond completion; Brett and his team of trainers will provide ongoing support for the next twelve months, ensuring your continued growth as an instructor.

The program is designed to give individuals  the proper credentials to instruct the intermediate student. 

Throughout the program, you will delve into the three teaching modalities and learn how to effectively connect with all players. Visual imagery and impactful drills will be employed to enhance your teaching abilities.

The curriculum covers the four essential skill sets in pickleball:

  1. Technical Skill
  2. Court Positioning
  3. Player Chemistry
  4. Shot Selection

Under the umbrella of shot selection, you will master the four basic shots in pickleball – Dinks, Volleys, Groundstrokes, and Overheads. This knowledge empowers you to guide players in executing these shots with precision, improving their overall gameplay. From effective serves to strategic returns, your students will develop a well-rounded skill set.

The program provides comprehensive workbooks for reference, and after the live training sessions, a written test ensures your understanding of the material.

As a bonus, we offer a FREE video evaluation of your gameplay and player instruction. Submit a video of your game or teaching and our lead instructor will provide honest feedback, highlighting areas for improvement.


  • $249.00

Embark on this transformative journey with the Global Pickleball Training Academy, where you will not only gain certification but also become a positive force of change in the pickleball community.

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