Collection: September 28th-29th

Welcome to the Global Pickleball Training Academy

We are dedicated to unlocking your ultimate potential and elevating your pickleball game to extraordinary heights. 

Our clinics are meticulously designed to empower every aspect of your play, from strategy and technique to mental fortitude.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, our personalized guidance and cutting-edge training methodologies are tailored to fuel your progress. Join us and discover how we can propel your pickleball journey to new horizons of skill and success.

Experience the pinnacle of pickleball advancement at our Intermediate Camp, designed for players ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 skill levels. Delve into the intricacies of proper mechanics and strategic mastery across every pivotal shot.

Our comprehensive curriculum empowers players to identify and capitalize on opponent vulnerabilities, optimizing their winning potential on the court.

Join us and transform your game with precise guidance and tactical insights that redefine your approach to competitive play.

The program features the best instructors and touring professionals in the sport

Your lead instructor for this clinic is Brett Noel, a 3x National Gold Medal winner and best selling author of three pickleball books used by many of the best instructors in the sport.

Discover the pinnacle of pickleball mastery in our Comprehensive 2-Day/12-Hour Intermediate Program:

Dinking Mastery: Understand the purpose, techniques, strategies, shifting, and communication skills essential for effective dinking.                                                                 

Transition Skills: Master the art of transitioning from baseline to non-volley line with precision, focusing on 3rd shot drops and drives.

Volley Techniques: Develop proficiency in punch volleys, roll volleys, and reset volleys to dominate the net.                                                                        

Offensive Arsenal: Expand your offensive repertoire with lobs, overheads, shoves, and pushes.                               

Serving and Returning: Hone your serving and returning prowess with insights into purpose, positioning, placement, technique, and strategic approaches.                                                                                                                                                                   Dynamic Drills and Games: Participate in intermediate-level drills and strategic games tailored to reinforce each skill covered above, ensuring rapid improvement and competitive readiness.

One-year additional follow up coaching

We will review your play on the court and give proper instruction. Send us your videos.

Camp notes provided for reference

FREE Pickleball drilling book with over sixty pickleball drills

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