Collection: September 5th-7th

Our intermediate camp is intended for players of a 3.0 to 4.0 level. We teach proper mechanics and strategies of every major shot…and a few specialty shots as well. Players learn how to recognize opponent weaknesses and exploit them for better winning play.

Our campers often leave the camp and go on to win 3.5 tournaments within days or weeks of attending the camp. 

This camp is ideal for individuals who have a solid grasp of the basics and are ready to take their abilities to the next level (possibly tournaments). Whether you aspire to become a professional or simply want to enhance your understanding, this camp can help you achieve your goals. It’s for people who can comfortably navigate through intermediate concepts and want to tackle complex challenges with confidence.

The program features the best instructors and touring professionals in the sport and offers:

  • 16-hours of High-Quality Instruction

One year Access to our lead teaching Pro instructor Brett Noel

Our Comprehensive 2-Day/16-Hour Intermediate Program Covers:

  • Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)
  • Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (3rd Shot Drops and Drives)
  • Volleys (Punch Volleys, Roll Volleys, Reset Volleys)
  • Offensive Shots ( Lobs, Overheads, Shoves, Pushes)
  • Serving and Returning (Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Strategy)
  • Intermediate Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above

Our Camp Structure:

Our Program is built around a 4-section system:

1) Pro Demonstration of New Skills

2) Pro Analyze the Campers Through Drills

3) Campers Play Semi-Competitive Games Reinforcing the New Skill

4) Rotations Allow Campers to Play Different People


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